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About Us

Industrial Thermal Systems: The Energy Specialists
ITS provides complete industrial and commercial thermal solutions, including combustion services, instrumentation, calibration and HVAC services, as well as a complete range of process instrumentation services, replacement components, retrofit and design/engineering.

Industrial Thermal Systems (ITS) for expert industrial and commercial energy systems design, engineering, preventative maintenance, repair, upgrades, retrofitting, training, calibration, and performance optimization.


ITS specializes in:

  • Energy Optimization
  • Instrument Calibration and service
  • Turnkey Energy Systems
  • Processes, Instrumentation and Combustion Safety Training
  • Energy Audits
  • HVAC Systems & Building Automation
  • Control Service
  • Component Parts for Industrial Processes from brands you know and trust
  • Combustion System Design, Installation and Servicing
  • Process Control Systems
  • Training and On-site Services
  • High Performance HVAC Systems
  • Turnkey Heating and Cooling Solutions
  • Safety and Customer Care

ITS’ qualified, experienced service technicians are experts in industrial and commercial combustion, instrumentation and thermal process systems. Whether you need a complete turnkey heating/cooling solution, or you’re looking to optimize energy efficiency, maintain or upgrade an existing system, address emissions or air quality problems, improve system throughput or resolve reliability deficiencies, the ITS team will work with you to provide a complete solution.

Since 1983, ITS has provided combustion, process control and HVAC services, systems and components to industrial and commercial customers in 33 states and seven countries.

An uncompromising focus on customer satisfaction has resulted in a strong demand for ITS’ high quality services, systems and components. The company has built a nationwide reputation as a premier provider of Combustion, Process Control and HVAC solutions for the industrial market.Our Excellent Staff

Our Excellent Staff
ITS’ qualified, experienced service technicians are experts in industrial and commercial combustion, instrumentation and thermal process systems. ITS service technicians have an average of more than 15 years of experience in combustion, process control and HVAC systems. Many team members have 25 years of 30 years of experience. This experience and the company’s focus on ongoing training enables ITS to provide the highest quality of services to each and every client.

Located in Fairfax, Ohio, approximately 12 miles from Cincinnati, the ITS facility has over 32,000 square feet of space, which is used for office, design/engineering, training, system assembly, component repairs, as well as certified calibration. We also carry a large amount of inventory to serve clients needs.

Project Management
Effective project management is key to our excellent service. Each project is assigned a lead project manager who provides:



  • Single Point Client and Technicians Contact
  • Schedule Milestone Tracking
  • Periodic Status Reporting
  • Meeting Documentation
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Resource Coordination
  • Project Invoicing


ITS Thermal Thoughts: Click here to read about current issues, trends, products, techniques, best practices, technology innovations, regulatory updates and news affecting the thermal industry.

For expert commercial and industrial thermal service, contact Industrial Thermal Systems, the Energy Specialists. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, ITS serves Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

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